The Top Five Reasons Why It Is Important to Follow Funeral Etiquette

By: Melissa Descant
Friday, October 18, 2019

The passing of someone special is always difficult to cope with, and funerals often bring all the related feelings out into the open. Gathering family and friends together to remember a departed person can be helpful and healthy, but it can also give rise to even more emotional difficulty and pain. For that reason, a well-developed system of funeral etiquette has been established to minimize the likelihood of problems arising. There are five especially important reasons why all the related rules should always be observed.

Funeral Attendees Often Feel Vulnerable and out of Sorts

While the details vary from one occasion to the next, people who attend funerals almost always do so because of the personal connections to and feelings for the individual who passed away. That leaves most attendees in a vulnerable state, which can make any unexpected behavior or development especially challenging to accommodate. Recognized, established etiquette helps keep things predictable and secure, providing welcome comfort to people in attendance at funerals.

Etiquette Contributes to an Appropriately Solemn Feeling

Some people make it clear before their death that they wish to have particularly informal, casual funerals or memorial services. A quick survey of websites maintained by funeral homes near me, shows that most feel more comfortable with a markedly different and weightier tone for such events. The various rules of etiquette that have been developed for funerals mostly aim at encouraging a solemn, dignified atmosphere.

Even a Minor Misstep Can Become the Way a Funeral is Remembered

As another way of respecting the solemnity of the occasion, the average funeral service will move slowly and deliberately, with noise and disruption being frowned on. In such a carefully planned and controlled environment, anything out of the ordinary or unexpected will tend to stand out in unpleasant, undesirable ways. Even a minor breach of the usual etiquette can end up being the event that a funeral will be remembered well into the future.

Every Funeral is a Once-In-A-Lifetime Occasion

It goes without saying that, with very few exceptions, most people will only have a single funeral. Carefully observing all the relevant rules of etiquette ensures that such an important event will not be marred or even ruined by uncouth or clumsy behavior. Although the etiquette surrounding funerals can sometimes seem overbearing, those commandments mostly serve positive purposes.

Abiding by Etiquette Contributes to Structure, Comfort, and Certainty

Above all else, an established, recognized body of etiquette helps keep things predictable and as comfortable as possible. Given how difficult it can be to confront the death of a loved one, those assets will be appreciated by those who attend a funeral. Being ready to recognize and follow all the rules of funeral etiquette will allow anyone who attends to contribute in positive ways.

Some independently minded people have an almost instinctive suspicion of etiquette requirements of various kinds. In the case of funerals, the various rules that have become so well established can be justified in a few different ways. Scrupulously observing the rules of etiquette when attending a funeral will always be best.


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